Positive comments from the people I’ve worked with give me great job satisfaction!

Dr. Andrew Stone, Andrew Stone Optometry
Dory has been a valuable asset to my business in many ways. Not only is she creative and fun, but also professional in all aspects of business. The experience she has helps me greatly when thinking about long term goals of the business. She will continue to be an important part of my business in the future!

Holly Smith-Berry, Founder/VP at Bready North America, Inc.
Dory is creative and precise–a difficult combination to find. She has delivered wonderful work consistently over 20 years. She has produced packaging, advertising, product graphics, videos and sales materials for major brands, including Melitta and George Foreman. She has an exquisite eye for color–in fact I have hired her as a color consultant for product design.

Chris Hillman, Director of Marketing, Melitta USA
In collaboration with Dory Colbert Design, Holly Smith-Berry developed a new line of products from scratch using manufacturing sources in the U.S., Europe and Asia. This formidable project included the creation and registration of six new trademarks with corresponding logos and merchandising, including packaging, promotional literature, point of sale materials and trade show exhibits.  These products were well received by national retailers across all major channels of distribution, including Target, which designated Melitta as their coffeemaker anchor brand.

Barry Cooper, CEO, SNA Cooper’s Teas
Holly and Dory were responsible for creating the branding and merchandising for Cooper’s teapods. This entailed coming up with names and logos for eight tea varietals. These creative trademarks were registered and successfully manifested in a variety of mediums including packaging, trade ads, television spots and trade show materials. The distinct personality and style conveyed by the branding they created resulted in placement and sales of Cooper’s at national retailers and in direct sales to the consumer. Both women bring a complimentary skill set to any client looking for fresh effective (and fun) brand development.

Leigh Elmore, Elmore Editorial
Dory is a consummate professional when it comes to graphic design, she keeps ahead of the curve on design trends and remains up to the minute technologically, both in computer equipment and software. She is an open and honest communicator and she knows what a deadline means. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with.

Michael J. O’Brien, Dean, College of Arts and Science, University of Missouri
Thank you for your wonderful work on the latest issue of Mosaics. I have received glowing reviews from a wide range of people. I am very pleased with this issue of the magazine and we certainly could not have produced such an outstanding issue without your help. I look forward to your help with future projects.

Mary Paulsell, Director of Communications, Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers
We have worked with Dory Colbert for several years on a wide variety of marketing materials, and we continue to use her services because she is talented, up-to-date on design trends and technology, responsive, fast and incredibly easy to work with. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to understand your audience and combine that understanding with your vision for the design in a manner that is appropriate, attractive and compelling. She “gets it,” and she “gets us,” which is not always easy. That’s why we return to her each time we have need for design and excellent visual communication.

Sonya Nicholson, Owner, Sonya Bird
Dory draws on a wide range of skills to provide excellent graphic design services. From photograghy to package design she has helped bring my ideas to fruition. I really appreciate how she works within my schedule.

Deborah Zemke, Illustrator/Author/Designer
Dory always has a clear view of the big picture in terms of marketing and communications. I’ve worked with her as an illustrator on many different kinds of projects—publications, packaging, advertising and events promotion— and each time her design, art direction and project management skills have made it a happy collaboration for me and a successful result for her clients.

Wayne Holden, Instant of Choice volunteer (retired corporate executive)
I am thankful for our decision to hire you to design and develop instantofchoice.org. You have strong design knowledge and expertise. You have excellent resources to handle all aspects of the development process. You have been available at any time we needed assistance or advice on decisions we had to make about our site. Your advice was always on target. Though you have in-depth knowledge of web development, you can talk in terms that those of us with little knowledge can understand. You had patience for our missed deadlines, but never let that be an excuse for missing your promised deadlines. I think you hit all due dates. And finally, you had patience with my frustrations with some of the technology and third party vendors when I needed you most. Thank you for all that you have done to help us reach this point in our journey.

Richard Cravens, Business development/IT consultant
Dory designed stunning point-of-sale graphics for our retail photofinishing operation. I’ve also seen her print work for other mutual clients and she has always produced excellent work.

J. Scott Christianson, High-tech entrepreneur, trainer and college instructor
To say that Dory has an eye for design is an understatement. She always produces graphics and materials that are of top quality and that easily convey the intended message to the intended audience. She has helped out numerous groups by providing her professional services on a volunteer basis–giving these organizations a much needed boost by providing graphics and materials that they couldn’t afford to have produced on their own. She is easy to work with and deals with difficult situations with aplomb.

Blake Dinsdale, Art Director at University of Missouri
Dory is an outstanding art director with a keen sense of color and attention to detail. Her commitment to each project from concept to finished product is at the highest level.

Patty Adamik, Therapeutic Massage and Movement Expert
Dory’s designs always convey my message in an effective and beautiful way. She is absolutely top notch!

Karla Wilson, Sustainability consultant, Eco-Works Unlimited
I”ve been extremely impressed with the graphics that Dory has created for one of my clients, Missouri River Relief. The graphics are crisp, eye-catching, professional, and also capture the spirit and mission of the Missouri River Relief organization.